Welcome to my shop. So glad you are here.

As a woman whose careers had been in aviation for five years that required packing bags flying overseas constantly, I experience the frustration of messy keys, noisy handbags, and cluttered luggage a lot. As an organizing freak and a passionate handcrafter who loves to keep things minimal & straightforward without compromising beauty and personality, I started making key organizers, cardholders for myself, friends, and colleagues.

Handcrafting has always been my hobby and obsession when I was little. I love hand-making stuff and everything that shows a natural beauty quality. I've been teaching myself handcrafting since 2004. When I've saved enough money to learn from the professionals, I began to experiment more with various fabrics, trying out new patterns and ideas. I began incorporating wax leather into my projects. I loved the natural way it made an otherwise dull rugged piece more beautiful and unique. It was inevitable that wax leather quickly became my favorite material to work with.

Thus, in March 2014, I started Sereniikey, to share my love for simplicity, ease in life combined, and add a sense of character and texture to everything I created. I put my heart and countless hours into creating each design. Many failed experiments and ruined pieces of leather later, I've developed a style of a compact key pouch for everyday use. Durable and beautiful, simple yet feminine.

I created all my designs at my home in Toronto, Canada, with the use of vegetable tanned wax leather as the primary materials. Every piece is cut and stitched by hand in each step, with many offering personalizations. When you received an item from Sereniikey, you know you are getting a beautiful, quality leather handcrafted design made with care and love.

I appreciate the chance to make something that I love and believe, and I'd love to hear feedback from you, my customers, to help me perfect my product and design. Because Sereniikey is more than a brand for me, it's my passion and pride.

With Love,