Full grain vegetable tanned leather is the best-quality leather you can find on the market. Full grain refer to the strongest and most durable part of the hide. Vegetable tanning is the most traditional and natural method of leather tanning.


All of our leathers are covered with a wax surface ( except for black and beige). Waxed veg-tanned leather is difficult to work with; keeping the product looking lovely in the end without many of visible scratches is not an easy task. You won't find this kind of leather in big brands because it's too time-consuming to deal with and therefore too expensive to make.

But it's also a fascinating and beautiful leather because the consumer will experience a unique journey as the wax being absorbed gradually with use and the leather acquiring a bright sheen at the end.

The Lavender, Mint and Sakura leather are made in Italy.


Every leather piece is unique and veg-tanned leather is susceptible to color differences because there are no synthetic chemicals used in this process to control consistency. It is something we have grown to appreciate and value highly.


You may notice marks and scratches in the white coatings, and they will fade over time with use. I will take extreme care when handling/shipping, but it's NOT expected to arrive at your doorstep with waxy coating in a perfect state. 

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